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Replace or reclaim: progressive Brazil divided on fate of famous yellow shirts Brazil's new education minister resigns amid scrutiny over qualifications

This has allowed Bolsonaro to assume the mantle of a strongman outsider, rallying against corruption, violence and the media. Newspapers have nicknamed him the Trump of the Tropics for his perceived similarities to the populist U.S. President. Like Donald Trump, he has struggled to find a running mate, with his first three choices turning him down.

Jair Bolsonaro llegó al poder con la promesa por hacer un cambio radical en el sistema y de limpiar al gobierno brasileño. Hoy se encuentra en una caída en cámara lenta por no haber cumplido y porque estaría involucrado en corrupción.

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In 1999, he followed up by calling for a “civil war” in Brazil that would kill “about 30,000,” starting with then President Fernando Henrique Cardoso. He also pledged to close down Congress if elected President. “There would be a coup the same day,” he said.

On 29 September, a month after the attack, Bolsonaro was released from the hospital and returned to his home in Rio de Janeiro. However, his condition prevented him from returning to the campaign trail for the remainder of the first round of the presidential election.[94] Protests

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The risk of his election sparked worry around the world, because he was promising to open the lands within the Amazon rainforest for exploration.[quarenta][41] The man he named for the Environment Ministry, Ricardo Salles, is a climate change denier who was condemned for ilegally editing ecological reserve maps to the benefit of mining companies as a state Environment Secretary in São Paulo,[42] to the point of slashing the funding for fighting climate change by 96%[43] and also stated that the Brumadinho tragedy, where a dam containing mining scum broke, could've been avoided if there were less "auditing bureaucracy" in place.

The case was then analyzed by the Supreme Military Court. The General in charge of reporting the case voted for his acquittal, arguing that Bolsonaro had already been penalized for the initial article in Veja, that there was pelo testimonial evidence of his plans to plant bombs and that there were "deep contradictions in the four graphological exams", two of which failed to conclude that Bolsonaro was indeed the author of the sketches. He ended up acquitted by the majority of the court (9 x 4 votes). In December 1988, just after this ruling, Bolsonaro left the Army to begin his political career. In Completa, he served in the military for fifteen years, reaching the rank Opinião of Captain. Political career

Ministros do Supremo e presidentes da Câmara e do Senado nãeste se manifestaram A cerca de denúncia revelada através revista Piauí

Em resposta, este presidente da entidade classificou a fala de Bolsonaro como “inqualificáveis” e qual isso demonstra “traços por feição graves em 1 governante: crueldade e falta de empatia".

As if having one of his sons directly involved wasn't enough, there is also the possibility of the family being involved, even if indirectly, with the murder of Marielle Franco. Context: Marielle was a rising left-wing politician in the state of Rio do Janeiro, being black and from a poor background (like the vast majority of the population) and also being lesbian. On Notícias March 14th 2018, she was ambushed and shot dead, along Entretenimento with her driver.

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